Become a Masterpiece!

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In the age of the selfie, it only seemed appropriate to create a Summer Gallery Walk exhibit that encouraged taking photographs. We used a projector to trace the outlines on multiple pieces of watercolor paper, and everyone helped watercolor while looking at colors in the original paintings. After taping pages to cardboard in the correct order, we created frames out of cardboard and then hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. Some folks hadn’t heard of the artists before, so it was educational as well.

Improv Class

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Improv Class involved clips from comedies and a fun team game. Team members could pick a character, a location, and a scenario. At one point it was necessary to repeat “I am a Penguin!”

DIY Tutus

The tutu activity was another one of our teen-lead activities. All you need is some elastic and a mountain of tulle (a yard makes a little less than a quarter of a small skirt). You can sew the elastic to itself, use stitch-witchery, or you can knot it. Yards of tulle can be cut into long strips, or you can buy tulle on a spool (rhyming is fun!). The length of each piece of tulle is twice the length of the skirt. It is a great activity, just make sure you get a lot of tulle.

Here is a video that is very helpful:

Pringles Can Vases

During our summer reading program, we like to encourage teens to plan their own activities. The Pringles Can Vase craft was one of these activities, created and run by one of our teens. He found the idea on Pintrest, we purchased the materials, and assisted during the activity.

If you are planning on doing this craft, there are two methods: one of them involves hot glue and paint, and the other one involves spray adhesive and grout. If you want an easier project, you can paint the Pringles can with acrylic paint (wait for it to dry) and use hot glue to adhere shells, pebbles, and beads.

If you want to experiment with grout, you can take the group outside and use spray adhesive to adhere items. I recommend following the instructions on the grout bag and wearing latex gloves while grouting. People might want to leave their projects overnight to dry. Once the grout is dry, they can buff their stones.

For both methods, you can coat the interior of the can with spray rubber to make it waterproof. That stuff takes a long time to dry, so you might want to spray vases the day before the activity. Leaving extra time for the completion of this project and cleanup is a good idea.

It is a fun project, and it helps people learn about mosaics and using grout. It is helpful if someone on staff is familiar with using grout. Here is the post that inspired the activity:



Knit & Nosh: Crochet Monsters/Smiley Faces

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Knit & Nosh is a new summer program. The idea is that we will provide a small snack (granola bars), and get together to create some simple knitting and and crochet projects. Our first project was Crochet Monsters, which evolved into Crochet Smiley Faces. If you are thinking about doing a program like this, it is important to know how to crochet and knit so you can help people who are learning. It is also helpful if some of your teens already know the basics. Here is a link with directions:

Summer Reading Kickoff Party

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Our Kickoff Party was inside this summer, despite our hopes of being outside. The weather is just too crazy in May! We were still able to barbeque outside, which made for tasty eats. We had door prizes using our nifty scratch tickets, which are also being used for summer reading prizes, and we played some fun group games! Here are some of the games we played:

  • Penny Hose
    • Contestants must retrieve a penny from the end of each leg on a pair of panty hose without using anything but their hands
  • Sticky situation
    • Contestants must bounce ping pong balls onto a piece of bread smothered in peanut butter
  • Chocolate Unicorns
    • Contestants must balance seven Oreos on their forehead. If the cookies fall off of their head, they may start over. They may not eat any of the cookies.
  • Bucket Head
    • One contestant must stand holding a bucket on their head. Their partner will try to bounce tennis balls into the bucket. The one with the bucket may move to the bouncing balls but they must remaining standing straight. They cannot bend over.
  • Defying Gravity
    • Contestants each will have three balloons. They are required to keep the balloons up in the air for the whole minute.