Christmas Clearance Craft

Every December  August, local stores stock their shelves with tons and tons of Christmas decorations and items.  By December 25th, the stores have successfully sold much of their merchandise…….but not all of it.  For a craft planner, like myself, the next few weeks are like, well, Christmas! 

If you go in with something specific in mind, you might be disappointed.  If you go in with an open mind, you might walk away with the supplies for a couple amazing crafts for the following December.  The bad thing about this plan is that you have to store the stuff for almost a year.  The good thing is that the stores will mark prices down to almost nothing.  I stock up on ribbon, wrapping paper, maybe a few lights, stocking, wreaths, and whatever else I can possibly see us using the following year.

The pictures on this post shows one of my favorite clearance crafts.  I bought the individual trees for $.25 and the boots for somewhere around $.25.  Bulbs and bows were also greatly discounted.  The supplies for each person were under $1.  (Even before they go on sale, the supplies were probbably less then $4.)

If you talk to employees at stores such as Wal-Mart or Walgreens, they will often tell you when they will be applying discounts.  Also, some of the stores will mark items down to zero and just give them to nonprofit groups if they know they are interested.  Use this strategy to stretch your budget


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