T-Shirt Pillows

All you need for these are old t-shirts, sharp scissors, batting, and a little patience.  Participants could bring their own t-shirts to save money, but more will do the activity if you have many used ones on hand.  The local goodwill and thrift stores sell t-shirts for $1, so I usually buy about 25 each time we do this.  They just go into the pile and we usually have around 40 to choose from.  Some teens will want to bring their own if they know about it in advance.

There are many variations of this project, but we try to keep it simple.  Cut out a square around the logo. Many shirts have been wasted because people fail to cut out enough space around the logo.  Personally, I think the smaller pillows look better and they don’t use as much batting.  After the logo is cut out, trace the same shape on the back of the t-shirt to get the back of the pillow.  (You can also use fabric if you want to provide it.) 

When you have a front and back piece to the pillow, it’s time to cut 1/2″ strips.  The length can vary, but it’s important to have at least 1″ strips to tie easily.  You may cut out the corner or make angled cut strips.  After strips are cut all the way around, tie each one with a double knot until you get three sides or 75-80% of your pillow tied.  This is the part that takes the most time.  Before tying the rest of the way around, stuff the pillow with batting .


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