Tricked Out Cupcakes


Librarian Colleen from Ellsworth, KS shared this activity she conducted with some younger patrons. The Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs theme might not be as popular with YA patrons, but the cupcake decorating will still be popular. The theme would also be great for an activity where teens work with younger patrons.

Here are Colleen’s instructions…

I used yellow cake and made the extra large cupcakes.
Put a thin layer of frosting on the cupcake just so they don’t need as much spaghetti (it can get pretty thick).
My frosting was just cake decorating frosting. (pwder sugar a little shortening, vanilla and enough milk to get the consistance needed to make spaghetti)
(I have also made a bunch of cheap frosting this way for projects in the past.)
Put the frosting in sandwich bags and cut a very small corner out. Then they put the spaghetti on the top. (Pastry bags are cheap and you can cut the tip off too.)

The meatballs were made with melted chocolate cut up coconut and a little of the cake crumbled up in it. Just roll in a ball and we put them in the ridge because it made them set up faster.

Our spaghetti sauce was cherry pie filling. I believe it was supposed to be a jam of some sort. But the pie filling worked well. I forgot to have them grate white chocolate on the top to look like parmasan cheese. But the kids love them and I thought they came out really cute!

Those look great!  Thanks for sharing.

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