Quidditch for the Ground-Ridden Muggle



We have a lot fun with this.  We played it every time a new book was released.  Now we play it when a new movie is released. 

We have a room that is ~ 15’x30′.  We split it into two sides (with masking tape) and place three targets on the two back walls.  The targets are 2′ circles of paper.  The middle one is centered around 7′ high, the other two are halfway between the middle target and walls at around 4′ off the floor. 

Two players throw their quaffles (4″ LIGHT plush ball) at the targets while the other plays keeper.  Each target hit by the quaffle is 10 points.   Another official keeps score.  Players can also throw one of two bludgers (3″-5″ LIGHT foam ball).  When a person is hit by a bludger they must go to a disignated area and are out of play for 15 seconds.  We make them count 1 hufflepuff, 2 hufflepuff, 3 hufflepuff, etc.  They have to start over if they don’t pronounce all the numbers and word hufflepuff or if they attempt to leave early.

The official secretly roles a dice before the game to determine the length of the game.  (The players do not know the length of the game!)  The official has a timer and will release the golden snitch (yellow bouncy ball) when the timer goes off with the same number of minutes as number roled on the standard dice.  When releasing the snitch players can go anywhere on the court and do not need to stay on their half.  The game is over when the snitch is caught. 


This is an activity where someone has the potential to get wrapped up in the fun and not excercise enough caution.  We have had 17 year olds playing along 12 year olds.  Remind everyone that this is for fun.  We don’t award prizes to the winner of this game because we don’t want them to care too much about the outcome. 

Use light foam balls to keep people from getting hurt and discourage running.  It is especially important to remind them to be careful when pursuing the snitch.

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