Dusting for Fingerprints

fingerprint 009

We’d had some success with Murder Mysteries and CSI-type activities. So we tried something similar with the fingerprint dusting.

  1. We fingerprinted all our staff members. Ink and paper work just fine for this.
  2. We taped off sections of used cd’s and lettered them. We also had corresponding sheets of paper to write the answers on. So, let’s say section A was my fingerprint. They would dust that area, and compare it to my print, which we hung on the wall for this reason. Then they would write my name next to the letter A. We made a game of it, to see who could get the most right.
  3. Next, have everyone place a thumb print into a lettered area, and make sure you remember to write the answer. We used Carmex on our thumbs to make the prints more visible. But I think it works better without.
  4. Next, have the kids add a little bit of cocoa powder to each area.
  5. Then have them lightly brush the area (very lightly) with a camel-hair brush. A bigger brush, like a make-up brush, works best so they can get most of the area without messing up the print too much.
  6. Finally have them use a long strip of scotch tape (use a long strip so their fingerprints don’t get mixed up with the one they are trying to pull.) After they have pulled the print off, have them place it on a lightly colored piece of construction paper so they can compare the print they pulled with the staff prints.

I used this site to find these instructions: 


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