Team Pennants


You will probably have to explain what a pennant is to most middle school and high school aged kids. 

These are a ton of fun.  They can be used during pretty much any season and really don’t have to be associated with a school or sports team.  (Super Bowl Time, Homecoming, March Madness, Bowl Season)

We provided different colors of felt, pom poms, stickers, beads, glitter glue, t-shirt paint, and pipe cleaners.  The metallic pom poms and pipe cleaners looked exceptional on the solid dark colors. 

We had 10″ dowel rods left-over  from another craft. I would have purchased longer ones if I didn’t already have these on hand.  I don’t remember if we glued, hot glued, or stapled the pennants to the rods.  All of these methods would work.  We used tacky glue to secure the decorative items, but other methods would work. 

Note: I hate t-shirt paint.  It takes too long to dry and it just doesn’t work well in a setting with multiple people. 

Be sure to have school colors and popular teams.  (KU and K-State, KC Chiefs, in my town)


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