Tricked Out Pens


The idea came from seeing a pen at a convenience store that had a plastic flower taped to it.  I know the theory is that it will discourage people from stealing them, but I wonder if it really works.

We do these during assessment and finals weeks.  We gave them the option to use mechanical pencils as well as pens, so they could actually use them on tests. 

Participants could go a number of different directions with this activity.  We used plastic flowers for some.  Plastic flowers are actually a little expensive, but if you buy the right ones, they can go a long way.  Cut them apart with pliers.  (Scissors might work, but your scissors will likely be ruined before the end of the project). 

We covered them with floral tape, duct tape, and more.  We wrapped them with string, rope, feathers, and more.  We attached stickers, plastic jewels, pom poms, and many other random craft supplies.

We used hot glue to attach and secure materials.


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