Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Box 
Mother’s day is coming up. We have many ideas that we’ve tried in the past, but I came across these Matchbox Jewelry Boxes in the recent Readymade Magazine. I think they’d make a nice gift (the one’s in the magazine did not look as tween girly, but they’d be great for them too. Call them treasure boxes to make them more gender neutral.)

Instructions for this activity can be found at howstuffworks. As cool as I think they are, I wondered how easy it would be to get a bunch of match boxes. I think check boxes would also work, but you’d have to fashion something to turn them into drawers.

However, howstuffworks also had a jewelry box made from egg cartons, which would be easier to gather. That one can be found here.

This activity can be done anytime, not just for Mother’s Day. Here is a link to some treat boxes made from matchboxes.

Click over here to see some more ideas.

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