HardWEAR Jewelry


Dump out the toolbox and junk drawers and create something amazing!

Hardware Jewelry utilizes the geometry and symmetry of hardware to make a variety of different kinds of jewelry. We started with different sizes of jump rings, washers, clasps and clamps, ropes, and common jewelry items. For elegant earrings, you simply connect small washers together with jump rings and attach the strand to a French earring wire. For a washer bracelet, simply weave in and out of multiple washers with rubber or leather cord such that the washers lay flat against your wrist. You can also use plastic tubing to make necklaces and bracelets of all different shapes and sizes. When cut into short bits, plastic tubing can form beads to be attached with jump rings of the plastic tubing itself can be the bracelet itself, connected with screw eyes placed at each end of the plastic tubing. These bracelets can also be transformed into aqua bracelets by filling the tubing with water and glitter and super gluing it together to form a water-tight seal. This allows the glitter to flow freely within the tubing.
These are just a few ideas, jewelry can also be fabricated simply by placing an item or series of items on string or rope as beads.

There are many ideas for hardware/hardwear jewelry online.  There is also a great book with specific projects including pictures and supply lists.  It’s….

Rogge, Hannah. Hardwear: Jewelry from a Toolbox. New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2006.

Few more pics…


One thought on “HardWEAR Jewelry

  1. To encourage more guys to be involved, it is important to have good examples of chains/bracelets for guys in advance.

    Also, this is a good program to do every few months. If you do it every few months, you can accumulate supplies and develop different ideas and examples.

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