Loco for Cocoa

Chocolate Face Pictures, Images and Photos

Celebrate chocolate! Submitted by Beth from Highland Branch Library in Memphis, TN. Thanks for sharing!

This is copied directly from the word doc Beth provided…

Loco for Cocoa
History, Taste Tests and More!

CAUTION: Peanuts and peanut products will be used in this program.


1. Chocolate Trivia Contest
–on paper; most correct answers wins a prize

2. Guess the number of M & M’s in the jar.
–winner takes jar home

3. Musical Chairs
–Read “History of Chocolate” to the teens. Every time the word chocolate is read, the
teens sit down. You know how the rest works. “History of Chocolate” can be found
at Trendy Chocolate’s website

4. Unscramble the names of candy bars.
–Hand out Hershey kisses or bite-size candy bar as prizes.

5. Identify the melted candy bar.
–Place a candy bar on a paper plate and put it in the microwave until it melts. Label
each plate with a letter. Have the kids guess what candy bar it is. Mini candy bars can
be great prizes!

6. How many words can be made out of the word chocolate?
–give a king size candy bar as prize to the kid who makes the most words

7. Mitten game
–Stand at one end of the room with teams. First player suns down to the other end of
the room, puts on mittens, picks up ONE candy kiss, opens it, eats it, takes off the
mittens, throws away their trash and runs back to tag the next player on their team.
Winning team members get a “mitten” full of Hershey kisses.
–Make the mittens out of felt or construction paper if you don’t have a real mitten to
spare. The kids won’t mind!

8. “Cocoa” Bingo
–Make your own Bingo Cards replacing the word “bingo” with “cocoa”
–you can use M & M’s as markers for the cards instead of marking them….just be
sure to have plenty of M & M’s!

9. Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
–Using miniature cupcake wrappers, have teens squeeze some melted chocolate into
the wrapper. Then roll a spoonful of peanut butter mixture into a ball and place in the
center of the wrapper. Top with more chocolate. Allow to cool. Exact recipes can be
found on-line.
–Each kid can make 3 or 4

10. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
–Melt chocolate and keep it warm in a crock pot. Allow kids to dip pretzels into
chocolate and then have “toppings available.”
Suggestions: sprinkles, coconut, candies, chocolate chips
–Provide plastic bags/wax paper for the pretzels to be transported home in.

11. Taste Test Contest 1:
Blindfolded have teens taste and name common candy bars
Suggestions: Hershey kisses, M & M’s, Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups,
Twix, Mounds, etc.

Taste Test Contest 2
Without blindfolds have the teens taste and name less-common candy bars.
Suggestions: Reese’s Nutrageous, Hershey’s Take 5, Whatchamacallit, etc.

12. Have teens name the cross section of candy bars. They can be found on the website
of the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Thinking Foundation

Additional info for making your own chocolate candies…

Tips for Making your own chocolate candies…


  • The best chocolate for melting is called Merkens.  You can purchase it at most cake decorating supply stores and candy supply stores.  One pound of Merkens chocolate equals about 2 cups of melted chocolate.
  • Candy supply stores also carry a variety of candy molds, sucker sticks, wrappers, and other fun stuff!
  • CHOCOLATE HATES WATER!!!!  All of the equipment you use which comes in direct contact with the chocolate must be absolutely dry, otherwise your molded chocolates will not set up and harden.
  • One of the safest ways to melt chocolate is to use a microwave oven.  Pour a bag of Merckens chocolate wafers into a microwave-safe plastic measuring cup. 
    • First, nuke the chocolate for 1 minute and take it out and stir it to distribute the heat. 
    • Next, nuke the chocolate for 30 seconds and stir it again.
    • Finally, nuke it for 10 seconds, stir, and pour into a squeeze bottle or directly into a mold.
  • Squeeze or pour the melted chocolate into the mold just up to the top.  Gently jiggle the mold to help the chocolate settle.
  • Set the filled mold carefully in your refrigerator to cool and harden.  The candies should pop out rather easily when hardened.







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