This is one of the best creative group projects we have had in a while.  I don’t know why we haven’t done this in the past, but it is one of those activities that will be added to the annual rotation on our craft schedule.

Dioramas are scenes created in a box.  Many kids make dinosaur dioramas or solar system dioramas for school projects.  I like the flexibility of this project and participants are open to go any direction they want.  We might set a theme the next time we do it like jungle, underwater, living room, etc…

We had plenty of supplies for participants to do this individually, but most chose to do this in small groups.  I had some plastic bugs and dinosaurs around from a kids craft and I also had a bunch of plastic flowers and clay. 

Some other options I gave the participants included….

clay, felt, foil, battery tealights (bought on clearance after Halloween for dirt cheap), access to color printer, hemp, and pretty much the entire supply closet

We didn’t judge these or anything….my camera person took the day off, so I didn’t get pictures of the best ones.  The top one was made by a group of three guys who put in about an hour worth of work and then forgot to bring it home.  The next is the demo a staff member made.  It was by far the wierdest one….I still don’t get it.



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