Teen Tech Week: Kerscrabblgories

Game Mashup

Teen Tech Week 2011′s theme is Mix and Mash, which immediately got me thinking about Girl Talk. Of course, I had no idea how to mix and mash music like that. But I did remember reading about this <- Board Game Mash-Ups! I thought we could give it a go for Teen Tech Week . . .

So I looked at the board games available to us. Scratched my head. And came up with nothing!

I took it to my co-worker Stef (she told me I could give out her Twitter). She finally came up with the basis for our super fun brainchild. All she said was, “What if we put Scrabble tiles in the Ker Plunk thing.” It took us about 30 minutes to write up the rules, but we came up with our own mash-up. And you know what? It was awesome!

Check it out: Kerscrabblgories

Come up with your own and tell us about it.

*This post is also posted at Scott Rader Library Dictator*


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