Angry Birds Live!

Librarians are always trying to relate to the cool new thing with books, programs, etc.  Well there is nothing cooler than Angry Birds right now.  The game of bird flinging/pig smashing mayhem seems to be everywhere, including the Windows OS with no browser required!  So when we stumbled upon this Angry Birds craft on Twitter, we were ecstatic.  The instructions are available from  Those will probably turn out nicer and more consistent, but they also require more patience.  If you need a quicker way to make the pom poms look at the video above!  It’s sped up, but the instructions are basically the same as the Make and Takes version.

The craft is fairly simple, just make pom poms and a face.  They actually turn out pretty cute and you can use Dixie cups to set up your own levels.

Also, the song in this video is “Blink” by Chameleon Circuit, used with permission of where you can buy the CD!


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