Bike Rodeo

We recently held a Bike Rodeo at our library. This event was targeted at a much younger audience, but we did draw in teens for a second part, which I will discuss later.

Bike Rodeo

This was sponsored by our library and the local police department. The police department discussed safety, did bike safety checks, had an “obstacle course,” and gave out bike licenses (this keeps track of make, model, and serial number of bikes. It’s helpful if your bike is stolen). The library helped by providing space, prizes, and marketing. We also had our library mascot and Scott on a unicycle. The event was a great success.

Bike Maintenance

Bikes break. Some of us know how to fix them. Many of us don’t. We brought in a bike expert to show how to do some easy fixes. The idea was to target this at adults, but we realized it was more useful to teens and families. Our expert ended up taking questions from the crowd and then showing how to fix what needed to be fixed. The expert (Scott’s dad) allowed some hands on training to those in attendance. He even fixed a few issues for a patron.

Check out this local news story on the event (skip to the 6:38 POINT). And check out more videos after the jump.


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