Action Bands


Action Bands are a great way to add some Wham! Bam! or Kapow! to your day. They are also easy to make. You will need markers, paper, a printer, scissors, a headband (a wristband or strip of t-shirt fabric), a hot glue gun, and a laminating machine or clear tape. Here are the steps you will need to take: 1. Find some comic action words on the internet (perhaps using Creative Commons so you are not stealing). 2. Print them off in a variety of sizes to make sure you have the size you want. 3. Once you have figured out how large you want your words to be, print them in black and white and color them with markers. Note: You may find that you will add more designs, lines, and colors than the original contained. Also, try layering different colors of markers.  4.  Laminate or coat the comic action word with clear tape and adhere it with hot glue to your headband (or strip of fabric). Put it on your head and have an action-packed day!IMG_20130819_165712

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