Paper Beads


Making paper beads is one way to create a unique piece of jewelry. In order to make your beads, you will need white glue, markers, toothpicks, and collage papers. Here are some easy steps to follow: 1. Cut or tear your paper into a long strip that is slightly triangular. If you want, you can color the edges of the strip or use a piece of paper that naturally has a colored edge. Alternately, use a paper cutter to create very precise triangles which, create very precise beads. 2.Wrap the paper, starting with the base of the triangle, once around the toothpick and then add glue to the rest of the piece of paper so that it will stick to itself as you role the bead up. 3. Role the bead up. If there is not extra glue squishing out, add extra glue to coat the bead. 4. Let dry on a non-stick surface, string on elastic jewelry cord, and Look Glamorous!



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