Jean Bags

Making a jean bag is an excellent way to acquire a new satchel without spending a bundle. You will need the following materials: an old pair of jeans, scissors (that cut cloth), a needle (embroidery needles work really well), thread,  ribbon, buttons, strips of t-shirt material, and other stuff to decorate your bag. Here are the easy steps: 1. Look at your pants and think. You can make a bag many different ways: using just the pocket, using both of the pockets, or using one of the tubes of cloth from the leg. What type of bag do you want to make? 2. Decide what type of bag you want to make and cut the fabric accordingly. Remember, if there is not a sewn edge, the material may fray. 3. Turn your bag inside-out (so that the ugliness will be on the inside and not on the outside), thread your needle (I prefer the double-threaded method, so that I never pull my needle off the thread), and begin to sew. 3. When you are done sewing the bag, turn it right-side out and decorate it. If you want to sew ribbon into the fabric of your bag, you can use an embroidery needle and a narrow piece of ribbon. If you want to sew on a handle, you can use some strips of  t-shirt material, or more jean material. 4.You are a self-made fashionista! Model your new bag for your friends, but watch out they may want to steal your bag!



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