Hatching and Crosshatching Roses and Skulls

IMG_20130911_114236Hatching and crosshatching are two techniques that help make a drawing awesome. Hatching creates shadows and the illusion of space using many small parallel lines. Crosshatching is just like hatching, but the lines cross each other. Here are the materials you will need: a black ballpoint pen, paper, and a computer hooked up to a printer. Here are the easy steps: 1. Locate your subject matter. If you already possess some drawing skills, you can create your line drawing looking at a three-dimensional object. If you are a beginner, but you still want to create an awesome drawing, you can find some line drawings online (using a Creative Commons search). 2. Once you have located your image or object (in this case, a skull, and a rose) you can print them off. 3. Now you can do a little internet research for images of your objects that have been drawn using hatching and crosshatching. Find one you like, and use it to inspire your own marks on the line drawing. Hatch and crosshatch away! It is quite fun once you get the hang of it!


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