Itsy Bitsy Frames

IMG_20130911_113742Making itsy bitsy frames is a fun way to jazz up your locker or frig. Here are the materials you will need: magnetic buttons with foam adhesive, bottle caps, tape, scissors, a pencil, and small photos or collage materials (optional: glitter glue). Here are the easy steps: (Optional: Spray paint the bottle caps a day before.) 1. Peel off the covering on the adhesive and stick it to the back of your bottle cap. 2. Find a cool small image or photograph for your frame. 3. Put your frame face-down on the image and trace around it with the pencil. Cut inside of the line you traced, so the picture will fit inside the frame.  4. Coat image with clear tape for protection, trim, make a small tape loop, and stick your image in the frame. You can add a circle of glitter glue around your picture, if you would like. Enjoy your itsy bitsy frame!


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