Literary Birds


Creating your very own “Literary Birds” silhouette is easy. Here are some of the materials you will need: old books or cool black and white collage materials, glue, a pencil, old book boards, sticky tack or an adhesive hanger, and a black sharpie. Here are the easy-to-follow steps: 1. Select and arrange your collage materials. 2. Adhere your collage materials to your book boards. Wait for them to dry a little, and use your pencil to lightly sketch some bird silhouettes on branches. 3. Color in your bird silhouettes with black sharpie. (Optional: Coat with Mod Podge or Gel Medium. Make sure your initial glue-down is liberal if you choose this option, otherwise your collage materials might bubble.) 4. Hang your artwork on the wall with sticky tack or an adhesive hanger. Lay back, and enjoy!


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