3-D Paper

IMG_20131015_1423183-D paper art is really cool looking. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how it was made. Don’t worry, we’re going to make it easy. Here are some of the materials that you will need: recycled paper materials, construction paper, thin cardboard (like from a cereal box), a collection of jar lids  or compass (for drawing circles), acrylic paint, die-cut flowers, and glue or tape. Here are the easy steps: 1. Draw a bunch (3-5) of circles on a variety of different papers using your lids or your compass. They should be between 2-4 inches in diameter, and it is okay if some of them are the same size. Also, you may want to make some stems for your flowers. 3. Select a piece of cardboard (or cereal box) to stick everything to. Create a ledge out of cardboard or use the natural cereal box structure. This is what makes it 3-D. 4. Adhere everything and paint it using Q-tips. Hang it on your wall and feel fancy!


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