Recycled Greeting Cards


Recycled cards are fun to make! Here’s a list of the supplies you will need: collage materials (old books with cool illustrations), book pages that have been painted with watercolor (and are now dry), scissors, glue (either white glue or glue sticks, but make sure they are the glue sticks that really work: Avery Purple Application Permanent, wax paper, cardstock or poster board from Oriental Trading, and something very heavy (i.e. an unabridged dictionary). Here are the simple steps: 1. Select images from some awesome books that are no longer being used (American Heritage, The Book of Days, old dictionaries, etc…) 2. Cut out images that you would like to see on your cards. Also, select colored papers and cut them out. Working with different types of rectangles can create interesting compositions. 3. Cut your cardstock into card shapes. Small cards work well for present labels. If you are planning on sending your cards in the mail, make sure you check your measurements with the postal requirements, or measure a card you have received in the past. 4. Glue your selections your cards. 5. Place each card in a wax paper sleeve and place it under something heavy overnight. Alternatively, you can use a laminating machine if it is the type that is very old and functions like a waffle maker. When the cards are dry, use them to spread joy, and sit back while your mailbox fills with replies.


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