How to Survive a Horror Movie

How to Survive a Horror Movie

It’s Halloween so we wanted to celebrate that with a fun, slightly educational, activity. One of our Assistants came up with an evolution of horror movies idea, where she would share clips from movies through the ages. However, she thought it would be more fun to make it a game where people are learning rules for surviving a horror movie. She had a friend make a short-ish video (about 20 minutes) of clips and rules. With several of the rules we shared some trivia information (like the vomit in The Exorcist is made from Pea Soup and the blood in Psycho is chocolate syrup). With several of the rules we played mini-games. For instance, the first rule was to learn the art of breathing quietly. We played a short tag game. We had teens draw straws. The short straw was it. They were blindfolded, and had to walk slowly, steadily, like Jason Voorhees. Everyone else had 30 seconds to pick a spot in the room they could not move from. The “it” player then had to find them by listening for breathing or, in most cases, uncontrollable giggling. This was a well-attended event, one of our most popular. Some of the teens wanted scarier clips, but we tried to keep them as PG as possible. Click after the jump for more of our rules/games:

  1. Don’t trust creepy children. We played a game where they had to guess if a kid from a horror movie was good or evil based on a picture.
  2. Clowns are bad. Obviously. Sorry to legit clowns who have become untrustworthy because of Pennywise.
  3. Don’t trust people with ridiculous accents who wear capes. We did a best Dracula impression competition.
  4. Get a really good Cell Phone service plan. Our game involved the teens pulling out their cellphones. Anyone with 5 bars made it to the second round. In the second round they had to type the text – “Help me, I’m being chased by Michael Meyers.” The fastest won.
  5. Don’t split up.
  6. Don’t build your house on an abandoned cemetery. They had to match pictures of haunted houses with the movie.
  7. Don’t fall down when running.
  8. We also had a blood-curdling scream competition. Don’t worry we warned people at the desks.

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