Post-It Note Murals

We have had a lot of success this year with fairly inexpensive, teamwork-centered activities. We saw some Post-It murals online and figured this is something we can do. Read more after the jump.

Like I said the idea is fairly simple and inexpensive. Buy a bunch of colors of Post-its (the more colors the better, but you can provide markers too) and allow the teens to make murals on your walls or windows. We did this as a teamwork activity, so best teamwork won a prize, as did best mural (after teamwork). We found the Post-Its didn’t stick that well to certain surfaces, so you can also provide the teens with tape. We also bought graph paper for them to use as a blueprint, but most of the teens just wanted to stick stuff to walls. We did make it clear how long murals would stay up, but that we would remove them before that date if they started falling down. Have fun! Let your teens decorate your department for a bit!

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