Leaf Prints


Making leaf prints is a sophisticated craft for fall or winter. You can use them to make your own gift wrapping paper, cards, or original works of art. In order to prepare for leaf prints, you need leaves that are flexible. If you are doing this project in the winter, you may want to freeze some leaves in the fall, so that they will retain suppleness. The leaves used for the print above are cottonwood leaves that were frozen to retain suppleness. You can also use the leaves from houseplants, if you have no frozen leaves. The money plant (pachira aquatic) has particularly good leaves for making prints. One thing to keep in mind is pattern; leaf prints look much better when there is some sort of pattern at work. Here are the supplies you will need: flexible leaves, acrylic paint, brushes, paper, and coffee mugs. Here are the easy steps: 1. Locate the under-side of your leaf, which should be the one where the veins are most visible. 2. Consider different pattern ideas and color schemes. 3. Paint the under side of the leaf and lay it on paper paint side down. 4. Use a coffee mug to roll over and press the leaf on to the paper. Repeat this step as much as necessary to complete your design. Also, you can put faces on your leaves and make Vines (short videos) like we did. What personality does your leaf have?

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