T-shirt Scarves


Making scarves out of t-shirts is fun! Also, it’s cheap because you can . In the photo above, model Marissa McHugh is wearing a finger-woven scarf from the book Cool Crafts with Old T-Shirts by Carol Sirrine. While the process for a finger-woven scarf is enjoyable, it is also rather lengthy. I recommend styles that involve more cutting and less weaving. Here are the materials you will need: T-shirts with interesting colors or patterns (the teens liked bright florescent colors and stripes), scissors that can cut fabric, and paper/styrofoam plates. In my opinion, the best way to approach this activity is to give the teens a lot of different options. I made one handout for guys and one for girls. These handouts showed all sorts of scarf designs, most of which are easy to make. Here is a very helpful blog that includes instructions:


Here is Marisa modeling the no-sew ruffle scarf:


The no-sew ruffle scarf was particularly popular (this is where the plates come in handy). There are more designs for women than for men, but some of the guys were interested in making scarves for their moms, or making goofy scarves with some of the leftover t-shirt yarn. Also if you do this activity, you can also have a fashion show, which is fun!


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