Sock Monster Puppets


Making sock puppets is fun! Also, I have noticed that the word “Monster” is cool, so if you can add “Monster” to some craft, it will be more interesting. In addition, the word “Mustache” is very popular and so are the mustaches themselves, as you can see in the photo above. Here are the materials you will need: socks (I got mine donated from a local thrift store), scissors,  googly eyes, buttons, felt (also donated), scrap fabric (donated), low-temp hot glue with glue gun, and video device. Steps: 1. Let everyone pick out their sock, felt, and eyes. 2. Inform them that they can stuff their sock with scrap fabric while they are gluing. “But then we can’t see where the mouth is,” they might respond. To which I replied, “Before you put the scrap fabric in, mark or memorize where you want stuff.” 3. Assist them as they assemble their puppets. 4. Make videos. Puppet interviews are more manageable that trying to shoot a group scene, as I tried both and realized group interactions usually ended up with attempted puppet murdering and craziness. Perhaps a scripting time could be included…IMG_20140109_154445

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