Lint Monsters

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Lint Monsters are a bit messy and gross, which makes them supper awesome.

Here are the materials you need: large bag of lint (try getting it from a laundromat if you can’t collect enough), Elmer’s glue (gallon), food coloring (gel works great), cheap white bread, sawdust (optional), disposable plates, disposable gloves, googly eyes, colored foam scraps, and wire.

Here are the steps: 1. Cover all tables with plastic or plan on wiping them down. 2. Give each person a plate with one piece of bread (sans crust), a lump of  lint, a pinch of sawdust, a puddle of glue, and a dab of food coloring. 3. Give them disposable gloves and inform them to mix thoroughly, meaning pulling it apart and squashing it together multiple times. They may need to add more glue. 4. When everything is mixed together, they can shape the monster. If they want a slightly fuzzy monster, gently roll it in lint. Also, add eyes and wires for hair. Enjoy!


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