Acrylic Painting Techniques

Showing the teens acrylic painting techniques is a fun way to get them interested in painting. I created a technique example poster, which included crumpled plastic print texture, watercolor (acrylic with lots of water), masking tape, scraping paint with wood, alcohol droplets, and Q-tip pointillism. I also created a sample painting of a tree.

Here are the materials I had available: old shirts to cover their clothes,  acrylic paint, brushes, small canvases, hair dryer, pallets, and plastic water cups. In addition, there were pieces of plastic to scrunch up and dip in paint, and a spray bottle with alcohol in it.

Steps: 1. Provide teens with materials and old shirts. 2. Let them paint whatever they want. Remind them not squeeze too much paint out, and clean up after themselves.

Here are the


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