Pop Tab Bracelets


Pop tab bracelets are cool and fun to make. However, some of the patterns out there are for advanced crafters. It is a good idea to have some other options available for your teens incase they become frustrated. Some teens were able to continue making their bracelets after we started the pattern for them. We had some beads out, so some folks decided to make beaded bracelets instead. I also thought about including beads where the elastic crisscrossed. One person made a bracelet out of lace, which was very beautiful. Notes on pop tabs: The bracelet on right has tabs that were spray painted and coated with Mod Podge. If you want colored tabs, they are sometimes used for energy drinks or some alcoholic beverages. Note on elastic: You will need some pretty strong elastic, so you may need to look in the sewing area instead of the crafting area of your store. The bracelet on the left is a variation of the crisscross pattern, created by my co-worker.

This video shows the method for creating a crisscross bracelet like the one on the right:


I certainly like this video which uses ribbon, and may offer a simpler pattern for those who are slightly less craft-inclined.


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