Sachet 002

When I was little, I loved to make little pillows for my cat. I also liked making sachets, or little fragrant pillows used for freshening drawers and closets. I thought it would be great to share this craft with the teens because the group we have really likes to sew.

Materials: patterned fabric, needles, thread, scissors, ribbons (optional), Poly-fil,  dried fragrant herbs (lavender, mint, chamomile, rosemary, sage). Note on patterned fabric: I found some awesome patterned fabric in the library’s cloth collection, but someone also donated a box of tapestry samples that are very nice. Note on herbs: There are plenty of places to buy herbs online. Since I buy bulk herbs from Monterey Bay Spice Company, I just brought a sampling from home. It really does not take that much; you could get by with 1/4 pound of each herb for a group of ten.  In addition, you might be able to find someone who grows herbs.

Steps: 1. Let teens pick out the fabric they want to use. 2. Have them fold it over (so they don’t have to sew one of the sides) and cut a small square (approximately 4″x 4″). Turn the print side of the fabric to the inside. 3. Help thread their needle, if they are having trouble. I always like to have my thread doubled with a knot tying both pieces together positioned at the end of the thread. 4. Let them sew, and encourage small stitches so the herbs don’t leak out. When they only have a couple of inches left to sew, they can turn it inside out (so the print is on the outside). They can fill it with Poly-fil and their choice of herb. 5. Help them fold the remaining edges in and sew the edges together. Ask if they want a ribbon or a bow. If you have some teens who don’t feel like sewing, they can draw, make greeting cards, or valentines, if it is near that time of year. Regardless, everyone will have a good time deciding which herbs they think smell the best.


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