Mitten Kittens

022This ulta-cute craft is easy to do, and also provides a home for those lonely gloves that collect at the library every winter. I first read about it in Creative Creatures: Make-and-do Crafty Creatures for Kids by Donna Wilson, which is a great book with exciting pictures.

Materials: wool gloves (old or new, any color), felt, hot glue, needle and thread, pipe cleaner, Poly-fil, scissors

Steps: 1. You need to get rid of the thumb, so you can pull the glove inside out and sew it shut, or (with the glove right-side out) you can push the thumb in and hot glue the opening it leaves. 2. Then you can stuff the kitty with Poly-fil sew or hot glue the head together when the kitty it full of stuffing. 3. The book had a bit more sewing, but we replaced this with felt and hot glue for the features and collar. 4. The tail is made out of a pipe cleaner sandwiched between two pieces of black felt. The ears are made out of pieces of felt as well and more hot glue. 4. Enjoy yourself, give it as a present, or add catnip (use less glue) and give a mitten kitten to your cat.

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