Pyramus & Thisbe Puppet Show

This is my second activity that has involved creating puppets and a puppet show in the hour and a half we have allotted for Make n’ Take Thursdays. This time I decided that a script was absolutely necessary, and Shakespeare’s Pyramus and Thisbe (an excerpt from Midsummer Night’s Dream) is one of my very favorite short plays. I adapted the original, excluding the commentators, and the play was about three pages long. We made puppets, had one rehearsal, and then I filmed the play. I was planning on making finger puppets, but there were some socks available, so once again, the puppets were made out of socks. While the teens were not that excited about making puppets, there was a lot of interest in the puppet show, we even had an audience who thought the kiss through the wall was hilarious. In addition, once people saw that they could be in a puppet show, they wanted to make a puppet, which is the reason we added a dinosaur to the play. While the video has some technical challenges, the show itself was a great success. For sock puppet directions, see my post:


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