Mini Greenhouses & Cookie Jar Decorating

Mini greenhouses

One of my goals is to inspire teens to be interested in the natural world. Technology seems to continually increase the time we spend inside, so it is important to find ways to incorporate the out-of-doors  into our lives. This coming summer, I am collaborating with at an agricultural research center to give the teens hands-on gardening experiences. When I saw these mini greenhouses, I thought that they were perfect because we could decorate them, but it also looked like they would actually sprout seeds. One thing I did not anticipate was the short time it would take to decorate such a small greenhouse. Fortunately, I had a collection of glass containers that could also be decorated. We used hot glue to adhere a variety of beads, buttons, feathers, flowers, lace, and ribbons to the jars and greenhouses. Note: The teens were really excited about decorating the glass containers.

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