Paper Bag Puppets

I was really excited about making paper bag puppets, but the activity took place during Spring Break, so only one teen participated. What do you do when there aren’t many teens in your program (or at the library)? When you have lemons, you should make lemonade. Spring Break was hard to gauge, the first day was very busy, but every day after that, attendance seemed to diminish. What ended up happening could be called a staff bonding activity with a dash of PR brainstorming. We made puppets for every staff member. We plan to use the puppets to advertize upcoming programs, create Vines, and possibly to let off a little steam surrounding some of the more tense responsibilities connected with working in a YA Department. If you want to make paper bag puppets, here are the materials and directions:

Materials: paper bags (colored bags make it especially easy), large googly eyes, cloth scraps, felt, pipe cleaners, buttons, yarn,  beads and hot glue.

Directions: 1. Position the puppet’s mouth.You can use a pipe cleaner as an outline. 2. Position other facial features and adhere them with hot glue. 3. Choose the fabric you would like to use. When you adhere fabric to the bag, make sure not to glue it to both side flaps (so that your hand fits). Also, you can make arms with small strips of fabric attached to the shoulders. 4. Invent a puppet persona for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Paper Bag Puppets

  1. I think that’s a really cute idea to make the puppets that look like staff and then make videos/Vines with them! It can be disappointing when you don’t have a big group attend a program, but this is a great way to make the most of it.

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