Sewing Machine


When considering purchasing a sewing machine for the department, all sorts of fears raised their heads. What if someone sews their fingers? What if no one likes to use it? What if they break it?  I never really considered the possibility that it would be a raging success. During the recent T-shirt Bag activity, one person was sewing, two people assisting, and three people watching the action. When I asked if we should get another machine, everyone shouted “Yes!” Now, there is one major issue that has arisen: the machine needs a staff person near it at all times. Safety is one reason to have supervision, but the machine also gets clogged up pretty often when people are just learning to sew. I am hoping now that a few folks have the basics, they can help their friends. My initial concerns about safety are still relevant, but I am continually amazed at the maturity that arises in even the most active persons. They understand that they have to focus and be careful, it is a sewing machine after all. I think that sewing is an important skill, but the machine also has helped people develop new and intricate designs. In addition, people learn to be more patient, use fine motor skills, and problem-solve.


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