Newsprint Nails


Newsprint nails are super fun. We did have some trouble transferring the print onto the nails, but it might have been related to people not letting their nails dry all the way between steps. I have also heard that you can use water instead of rubbing alcohol, which might help with this issue. We also had other nail polish options and a movie for them to watch while their nails were drying. It is a very good idea to open all of the windows and close the interior doors of the room you are using.

Materials: white or grey nail polish, clear nail polish, rubbing alcohol, q-tips, cotton balls, nail polish remover, baby food jars or small cups, and a tarp for the table.

Directions: 1. Paint nails with white polish and let dry. 2. Dip nails in rubbing alcohol and apply a piece of newsprint (font side down). Gently push newsprint on to nail and then remove newsprint. Let dry and coat with clear nail polish. 3. Clean up with q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

Here are some helpful tutorials:

Newsprint nails:

Map nails:

Galaxy Nails:


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