This was a fun experimental sort of activity. Everyone had their own ideas about what would fly the best. There was even an offshoot into making God’s eyes, which did not fly at all. Paper propellers are the easiest and fastest to make (see link below). Wooden propellers can get very complex, and you may have trouble constructing one that flies successfully. I suggest that you just provide the teens with the materials and see what they come up with. Our teens made some propellers that flew better than the ones we made. Here are the materials and directions for a simple wooden propeller:

Materials: tongue depressors, small dowel rods, hot glue, and metals nuts (for weight).

Directions: 1. Cut dowel to a length of about five inches. 2. Use hot glue to attach two metal nuts to the end of the the dowel rod. 3. Attach the end with the nuts to the middle of the tongue depressor. 4. Let dry. 5. Position the propeller between your hands and rub them together to make it fly.

Note: To inspire a more focused activity, you could offer prizes for the most beautiful or farthest flying propellers.

Here are some helpful links and videos of our teens:

Paper Propellers:

Tongue Depressor Propellers:


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