Wood Monsters

Wood Monsters was was one of our Convenience Crafts, which were created with the intention to provide time for teens to work on their projects for an entire week, or at least more than one two-hour period. So far, lots of people have spent more time on their projects.

Materials for this project were very inexpensive; the only things we bought were wood glue and sandpaper.  I have a large box of donated acrylic paint, so that was free. Googly eyes and hot glue are part of the craft supplies we have on-hand. I collected scrap wood for this project from some friends who were making their own frames, which created interesting shapes and sizes. I also brought in my handsaw. In addition, I had some electrical wire for hair.

Notes: You might want to encourage teens to glue on eyes and hair before they paint. Googly eyes can be wiped off easily when the paint is wet, but hot glue will not stick to wet surfaces. Also, tell them wood glue is stronger, but it takes longer to dry. I used torn cloth strips to hold the wood in place while it dried.


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