Dream Snatchers and the “Maker Faire”

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We had this really cool idea: a “Maker Faire.” This idea and it’s name originated from Make Magazine.  At the Faire there was a blacksmithing demonstration (sorry, no photos) a mixed media mobile/dream catcher activity, and a stop-motion animation activity. I brought in sticks from my yard for the mobiles, Scott got out the play dough and paper for stop-motion animation, and we had some hotdogs to grill while the blacksmithing demonstration was happening. While the turn-out was less than what we expected, there were some valuable lessons learned: never underestimate the exodus that occurs after school lets out. In addition, the day after Memorial Day is also like a holiday; no one is in town, and if they are, they are probably worn out from traveling. However, I think the teens who were there had a very enjoyable afternoon, and we were able to spend some quality time with them. The “dream snatcher” pictured above is one inventive solution. It is designed to trap good dreams (instead of bad ones), and may appeal to those who like to be scared. Below is the stop-motion animation short made by one of our teens.


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