Table Terrifica


We had this table that was loosing its top.  The colorful vinyl was peeling to reveal a sticky wood-grained vinyl. I chipped off the rest of the colorful vinyl and laid on a layer of Mod Podge. With some help from the teens, I collaged this old table into table terrifica! Then Scott and I added two layers of epoxy resin to create an impenetrable surface. Tips: If there is sticky smelly glue on your table, you should really try to remove it before you make the collage, as it can interact with the epoxy. Also, epoxy is really odd stuff. Be sure to read the directions. It smells like wet dog, and is probably pretty toxic. However, we found that it wasn’t necessary to mix the epoxy for three minutes. Just mix it thoroughly and watch for the little bubbles to come out as you are stirring it vigorously.


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