Teen Summer Lock-In


We’ve had a Lock-In for several years now. It’s also a good time (and intriguing for teens) to spend the night in the library, mostly trying to stay awake the longest. Our lock-ins have all run smoothly. It is all about planning well in advanced and having plenty of activities through the night. This year we had “Fear Factor” activities every hour on the hour, if a teen was awake then they had to participate. In between that we had videogames, movies, music, board games (get some cards for Sandwich and Three (Obviously you may refer to these games by different names in your area)), and group games (Ninja, Sound Ball, Super Ninja, and Mafia). This year’s event was planned by the awesome Nomi and Addie from the Hays Public Library. After the jump you can read our time schedule and download our waiver.

Here is Our Permission Form: Sleepover Permission Form 2014


Time Schedule

7:00 – Arrival

-:15 – Walk to the park

-:30 – Set up activities


8:00 – Activities! Ice Cream Trough , Freeze Tag, Alka-Seltzer Duels, Capture the Flag, Library Ball, Soccer, ect.


-30 -Head back to the Library when it starts getting dark.  Arrange everyone into even numbered teams.  Each activity will be worth a certain number of point.  At the end of the night, whichever team has the most points will be declared the Conqueror of the Lock-in!


10:00 – Egg Roulette (Break teens into equal number teams and only have 1-2 participate) – Before the game, tell players that one of the boiled eggs in the bowl is raw.  Place a bowl of boiled eggs in front of the players.  All players must pick up an egg out of a big bowl and on the crack of three, crack the egg against their forehead. The players that hesitate to crack the eggs fails.  Award all the players that don’t hesitate.


11:00 – Baby Food Taste Test – Empty a variety of different jars of baby food into individual bowls.  Label the bowls with numbers and challenge players to taste every bowl and try to guess what it is.  Make it more of a challenge, add some food coloring into the food.  Have paper and pencils handy so guests can write their answers on them.  Winner is the one that taste and guesses the most correctly.  Award 1 point to the one that has the most correct guesses.


12:00 – Iron Toes – Fill a tub with water, marbles, and tons of ice.  The object of the game is for players to stick their foot in the ice water and grab as many marbles as they can in a two minutes period.  that winner is of course the one that collects the most marbles.  Award 1 point for every marble they are able to retrieve and 3 additional points to the one that pulls out the most.


1:00 – Worm Pie – Place ten gummy worms at the bottom of each player’s pie tin.  Fill the pie tin with whip cream.  On the start of go, all players must place their hands behind their back and retrieve all 10 gummy worms with their mouths.  To make extra messy, add honey and crushed Oreos.  The first player to retrieve all ten worms and eat them wins.  Award 10 points to the winner.  Give 1 point for every worm that the other players were able to find up to that point.


2:00 Dog Biscuit Race – Break into teams.  Each players will pick up a dog biscuit (or cookie) and crawl to drop it in a bucket on the other side of the room then race back in a relay.  The first team to their bucket with biscuits wins.  10 points to the winners.  1 point for every biscuit the other teams managed to place in their buckets.


3:00 – Put it on Ice – On the start of go every player picks up an ice cube and holds it in their fist for as long as they can.  If they open their hand then they’re out.  To give the game more of an ick factor, dye the ice cubes different colors.  Award 8 points to the person who holds on the longest, 5 for the 2nd, 3 for the 3rd.


4:00 – Survival of the Quickest – Blow up as many balloons as there are participants. Tie a string around the balloon knot, and another around a teen’s ankle. When someone says ‘Go!’ try and pop others’ balloons while keeping yours safe.


5:00 – Cat Food Challenge – To end the games, offer everyone a chance to earn a quick five points.  All they have to do is eat a spoonful of cat food (a can of spam).




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