Post-It Note Art Show


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We usually try and do something special for the Art Walks, which take place four times a year. The Post-It Note Show was fun because the usual importance and snobbery connected with art is totally out of place when post-it notes are involved.  Many teens who said they “Weren’t good at drawing” ended up drawing anyway because of the causal nature of the show. We used many mediums on the post-it notes including: pencil, marker, colored pencil, paint, oil pastel, and collage. We also noticed that the stickiness of the note was not enough to keep it on the wall, so each of our post-it notes has four small dots of sticky tack on the back. Everyone had a great time trying to make as many pieces of art as possible before the show, and we learned that it takes a lot of little notes to cover even a small piece of wall. Also, during the opening, we invited the guests to add their art to the show, so it became an interactive experience as well. This project is especially rewarding because of the creative freedom the teens had and the way they get to interact with each other.


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