Foam is Awesome

It doesn’t need to be anything complex, just get one of those pink or blue sheets of foam insulation from the hardware store. Note: You will probably need to cut the foam so that it will fit in your vehicle, so bring a sharp box cutter. I purchased our sheet for Minecraft Swords, back in the spring. It was a very popular craft, and there were no injuries even though we made swords. I still had a lot of foam left over, so when I decided to do featherweight jewelry, I pulled out the foam again.  The interesting thing about foam is the creativity and imagination it inspires. When people didn’t want to make jewelry, they made masks, small works of art, amulets, dancing ribbons, and thingamabobs. I let the teens cut the foam with some relatively dull kitchen knives, but you can also make neat designs by picking foam away with your fingers. Everyone painted their various creations with acrylic paint, and one person even sewed a few stitches through the foam. I also plan to make prints with the foam in an upcoming activity.


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