Boats and Turtles

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One day we made turtles… then we made boats and the turtles went sailing. Making turtles out of egg cartons seemed like a craft for children, but as soon as the teens saw the cute little turtles, they wanted to make their own. Both crafts were inspired by a book called Look What You Can Make With Dozens of Household Items edited by Lorianne Siomades and Kathy Ross. The book offers craft ideas for all kinds of reusable materials. Constructing the turtles was pretty self-explanatory and included these materials: cardboard egg cartons, Popsicle sticks, acrylic paint, googly eyes, and hot glue.

The boat making activity was a little more complicated. I was going to have a boat race, but it is pretty challenging to get boats to sail well and move in the same direction. It became more of a floating contest. As you can see, there were many different designs, and a variety of materials including: plastic containers, corks, skewers, paper, Popsicle sticks, glass gems, and hot glue (of course!). One  of my favorite designs was the Popsicle stick raft with the square white sail. It looks great and floats fairly well. We tried using a fan for wind, but it was too strong even on the lowest setting. For some boats, it was getter not to have a sail at all, it just made them top heavy. One of the greatest benefits of this program was learning how to make a successful boat, and of course playing in the water, which never gets old.


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