(Wine) Cork Pendants



Most of the corks were actually wine corks, but I felt a little odd advertizing something with the word “wine” in it as a teen activity. I liked the idea of weightless jewelry, and reusing something that has inherent aesthetic appeal is always easier. I cut the corks with a box cutter and sanded both sides to create a smooth painting or gluing surface and let the teens use their imagination. One of the coolest effects can be created with a Mod Podge transfer, but the text will be reversed. Here are some of the materials we used: various types of cork, wire, screw eyes, sand paper, acrylic paint, Mod Podge, ribbon, lace, and elastic cord (for the necklace part). The activity was very cheap because we used materials we had on hand.

The link below has some really great photos, including pendants with transferred text:



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