Leaf Candle Holder

Once again, an activity involving glass containers was very popular. I had this experience with baby food jars and also with glass cookie jars. It doesn’t seem to matter what shape the glass comes in or if we are gluing or painting; glass seems to be an interesting surface for everyone to work with. In order to prepare for the activity, I gathered a bunch of freshly fallen leaves from the park. I also used the die-cut machine to cut leaf shapes out of tissue paper.

After I applied a layer of Mod Podge, the tissue paper easily stuck to the outside of the jar, but some of the leaves I gathered did not stick as easily. In general, smaller leaves stick more easily, and it helps if thicker leaves are slightly damp and flexible. It is also easier for the leaf to adhere to the glass if the side with the veins faces out.

Here are some of the materials we had available: real leaves, grasses, pine needles, tissue paper leaves, spider tissue paper, Mod Podge, acrylic paint, jars, raffia, hot glue, glass pebbles, and candles. I made sure the teens went over a little fire safety: Don’t leave your candle unattended, and don’t place flammable things near the flame. I also tried the candle holder with a little LED tea light at home, and it worked very well. I would recommend highly recommend this project. Some of the teens wanted to make more than one, so make sure you have plenty of jars. Everyone seemed thrilled with their creations!

Here is the post that inspired our activity:


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