DIY Spell Books

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We were so excited about this project that we started a day early. Here are some of the materials we used: withdrawn library books, cheap Halloween toys, brown packaging paper, glue, Mod Podge, hot glue, glass pebbles, eyes cut out of magazines, acrylic paint, gold Rub n’ Buff, and letters printed on card stock.

The first thing to do is hot-glue the larger items to the book. If you want a skeleton with wings, you have to cut the bat’s wings off and glue them next to the skeleton. If you want an eyeball, you can find one in a magazine, glue it to your book, and glue the glass pebble on top of it. Next, you need to wet the packing paper. Then, slather glue or Mod Podge over the skeleton and the cover of your book (but don’t cover the eye, of course). Gently lay the wet paper over the skeleton and tamp down with your finger. When it is dry, you can paint it black or brown. When the paint is dry, you can don a glove and add a miniscule amount of gold Rub n’ Buff (a little goes a long way).

This is where Scott found the idea online:

And I found this video:

One thing I didn’t realize is that the teens don’t want a fake spell book, they want a real spell book that they can write in. This led to the removal of the pages and the insertion of blank pages. It might be helpful to have a saddle stapler on hand to staple the new pages into the book. Alternatively, you could use composition journals.

Also, this activity takes a while. Even if you plan to do it for two days, some people may want to finish it the first day, so plan on setting aside a couple hours, and be careful with those spells 😉


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