Life-Sized Pac-Man

This was a great game to play! The teens had so much fun, and I was cracking up trying to video them. What really got me was the T-Rex hands. Invented by Scott,T-Rex hands means keeping your hands close to your chest like the dinosaur. It is not really clear how useful the hands were for that dinosaur, but for the purpose of our game, the hands were pretty useless. We used blue painter’s tape to mark out the game layout, and we used rolled up newspaper for the dots. For the ghost balls, we used spongy balls (only four of these are needed). Here are our materials and rules:

Materials: blue painter’s tape, newspaper, 2 baskets or buckets, 4 foam balls, and candy.

Pac-man-gets three lives
-has to walk normally
-cannot walk over blue lines
-gets 1 point for every small dot (ball of newspaper) they put in their bucket
-gets 10 points for every Ghost Ball they collect in their basket
-gets 5 points for every Ghost they tag
-if Pac-man runs, one life is taken away
-if Pac-man walks over a blue line, one life is taken away
-when Pac-man grabs a Ghost Ball, they shout “Ghost Ball”
-Referees (Librarians) have to count 10 Mississippis
-if a Ghost is tagged by Pac-man during this time, then they have to return home
-once the Ghost is home, they can come out and try to get Pac-man again
-If a Ghost tags Pac-man, Pac-man dies
Ghosts– there are 4 ghosts at a time, they must walk heel to toe (toes of one foot touch the heal of the other)
-one can come out of the “home” location every 5 count (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…)
-if tagged, ghost needs to return to home
-if the Ghost runs, they are kicked out for the remainder of that Pac-man’s current life
-Ghosts have to use T-rex arms so that they don’t reach over the walls
-Also, they have to keep moving
Pac-man with the most points gets candy, or maybe everyone gets candy at the end 🙂


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